About Bridge House

In 2007 the Bridge House Restaurant opened its doors to the Devon section in Milford, CT owners Rick Jurzyk and Chris Saley built a wonderful gastro pub that brought a new light into the area and had 10 years of success with ambition to do more. In June of 2016 they offered a partnership with long time restaurant and hospitality lovers Frank Basile and Robert Cyr. The partnership added a new vision with culinary passion and the desire to grow within the Bridge House's strong roots. Frank and Rob came with many years of experience stemming from the Carmen Anthony Restaurant Group then 10 plus years at a national chain, awarded on a national level for their successes. They realized it was time to go all in on their trade. Rob has a passion for hospitality and wine and cocktails and Frank is a Johnson and Wales graduate. They were taken with open arms and rewarded Business Men of the year in Milford by the chamber of commerce in 2017. This was a moving point locally as the partnership took shape with the key objectives between the group by leading servantly within their team and listening to the voices in their restaurant to better the experience for everyone. Over the course of a short period of time all was different within the bridge house but certainly with fantastic and rave reviews.

We instantly found a love for Milford, the city is ran extremely well, the coast line is beautiful and the city is taking a life of its own. We wanted to do more! And we did in May of 2018 we opened the Bonfire Grille in the Woodmont section of Milford and in 2020 we will open Founders House Pub and patio downtown.

None of this would have been possible without our partnership, past experience, wonderful community and lastly our unbelievable staff!

Cheers to many more years of serving the little city with a BIG heart in Milford ,CT and beyond!